Couleur Café 2019

Alfonso Mauro

Friday • Black Stage • 19:00 - 21:00

Alfonso Mauro
Afrobeat, Disco, Electronic, Funk, House

Scorching Naples beats

Alfonso Mauro is a young artist from fascinating Naples in Southern Italy. The passion for music started pumping through his veins playing the drums as a little kid. His travels around Europe as a teenager allowed him to discover new vibes. In his eclectic sets, you can almost taste his curiosity and open-mindedness. Ranging from house to funky music, with unique disco tracks, solid afro-beats and some electronic choices, his sets are a super kinetic combo. Alfonso already shared booths with established artists like Francois Kevorkian, Gerd Janson, Art Department, The Black Madonna, Black Coffee and just recently he was invited by Amsterdam’s RedLight Radio. Next up: the Black Stage at #CoulCaf19!