Couleur Café 2020

AMOUL BAYI feat. Saah Karim & Daba Makourejah


AMOUL BAYI feat. Saah Karim & Daba Makourejah
Dub, Reggae

True dub vibes straight from Senegal

Coming straight from Senegal, the independent label AMOUL BAYI joins Couleur Café 2020! The crew shares positive messages that will thrill you in the heart of the Dub Forest. Daba Makourejah is one of the 2 artists and she will transport you with her groovy riddims. At once vocalist, pianist and poetess, she excels in several styles, from jazz to hip-hop and reggae. The other member, Saah Karim masters the codes of Jamaican music and cultivates its originality with his West African voice and committed lyrics. In short, music, emotion, reggae, dub, life!