Couleur Café 2020

Dubtown Abbey


Dubtown Abbey

Belgian bromance with Jamaican hearts

Early 2016, musician Nick Verryken meets producer Koen Glorie. The collaboration works like a charm and soon forms the start of a new project. 'Dubtown Abbey' was born. They first performed a live analog set with Koen on the mixer and effects, and Nick on the drums. In 2019, the crew expands even more when Nick's brother Sam (aka Samphony), Mats (aka Saxual) and Jan join the collective. In 2020 they released their first EP called We Are One in which they work with Alicante based singer Paloma. The goal is to promote dub-culture in all its forms and spreading their unique live vibe through a homemade soundsystem. See you on Friday for this unique live set!