Couleur Café 2019


Sunday • Green Stage • 18:30 - 19:45

United States
Jazz, Reggae

Jazzy reggae as we love it!

If Burning Spear would ever have had the opportunity to record alongside the great jazzman John Coltrane, it would probably sound a lot like Groundation. The Americans mix the frisky, polyrhythmic and improvisational character of jazz music with the relaxed one-drop sound of reggae. The result is so astonishing, one wonders why these nine Californians are the only ones mastering this success formula. Since 1998, over 30 countries worldwide fell in love with Groundation, and the virtuosos shared the stage with countless icons, including The Roots, Sly & the Family Stone, Jimmy Cliff and Kanye West. Harrison Stafford has brought some new musicians and is set on outdoing his fantastic 2009 en 2015 Couleur Café shows!