Couleur Café 2019


Saturday • Casa Bacardi • 19:00 - 20:30


Underground beats

With JazzDee on the decks, you can put away your Shazam app, cause this young turntablist is constantly digging for the most underground tracks. His versatile taste guarantees a fresh vibe ranging from uptempo beats to world music, from disco to hip hop, from funk to house. JazzDee makes boundaries fade, blending his bold choices into one smooth sound that makes you wanna skip sleep and just dance! Next to that, he also curates his own events where he brings art and his passion for music together. With “JazzDee INVITES” and working together with PELZEN, he already collaborated with names like Habibi Funk, AliA and Mixmonster Menno. Come and see what JazzDee is all about at #CasaBacardi.