Couleur Café 2019

Junior Goodfellaz

Friday • Casa Bacardi • 21:30 - 23:30

Junior Goodfellaz
Dance, Hip hop

Goodfellaz' good music

Brussels born DJ Junior Goodfellaz is coming back to #CoulCaf19 ! His sets are mainly reggae and hip-hop combined with other styles to bring diversity and freshness in his sets. Alongside to his two brothers, he perfected his art. Junior became a part of Goodfellaz Sound System and later he joined L’Or du Commun & Romeo Elvis. He travelled across lots of European countries, opening shows for artists such as Bishop Neru and Fauve. Loyal resident DJ of Belga, Madame Moustache and La Machine, he stands for and defends multicultural approaches to music. Dedicated, his music is a way of telling a story, we can’t wait to be captured by him at the #CasaBacardi !