Couleur Café 2019

Lachy y La Suprema Ley

Sunday • Blue Stage • 17:45 - 18:45

Lachy y La Suprema Ley
Salsa, World

An authentic Cuban party

Straight from Cuba, Lachy Y La Suprema Ley celebrate the richness of Cuban music and its roots: bolero, changui, songo , … combined with contemporary sounds and rhythms. The tropical group consists of a dozen talented musicians, 4 horn players, 4 percussionists, 1 piano player and 1 badass bass player,driving the power of this talented troupe. It’s all about love & the daily joy and struggles of being Cuban. This ensemble is not only defending their heritage, they are also bound to get you shaking! Come see for yourself because it’s going to be one steamy party!

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