24 > 26.06.2022

Manudigital ft Caporal Negus


Manudigital ft Caporal Negus
Dub, Reggae

King of Digital Reggae

With 2 solo albums, a dozen EPs, over 650 concert dates and collaborations with artists all over the world, Manudigital proves that he is the most international French Beatmaker in the global reggae scene. But that's not all this creative jack-of-all-trades is known for. With Digital Kingston Session, where he takes his Sleng Teng Keyboard, into the streets of Kingston, New York in search for Jamaican singers from the golden age of digital reggae, he manages to get over 34M views. This year, he brings his unique sound signature to the Dub Stage. Are you ready for a powerful electro-dub show?