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Niveau4 XXL


Niveau4 XXL
Hip hop

Belgian hip-hop united

Over the last decade hip-hop music exploded from a solid niche artform to arguably the biggest business on the planet. Though a positive evolution in many ways, this also created a trend towards poppy, prefab music, far away from what the trailblazers of rap music intended to shape many years ago. Luckily, tons of artists have stayed true to their selves, creating genuine tales of beats and lyrics. Many of them Belgian, our country too has seen rap music become omnipresent over these recent years.

Couleur Café made a modest contribution to this flourishing scene, by giving these men and women a stage, by investing heavily to unite the Belgian rap scene and by bringing together hip-hop artists from all over the country for 1 exclusive show every year. This apotheosis of several rehearsals and months of preparations was the Niveau4 show at Couleur Café, three times in a row a big hit with our crowd.

In 2016, the first edition of Niveau4 brought together the likes of future stars Roméo Elvis, Senamo & Seyté, Stikstof, Coely, Woodie Smalls, Dvtch Norris and Caballero & JeanJass. An iconic moment in Belgian rap history which lead to closer ties and more collaborations between many Belgian rappers.

One year later, the 2017 edition of Niveau4 confirmed it status reuniting the new hip-hop generation with L’Or du Commun, Zwangere Guy, ISHA, TheColorGrey, Le 77, Darrell Cole and deejays Junior Goodfellaz & DJ Vega. The show even got a sequel at a sold-out Ancienne Belgique some months later.

Last year we had the honor of inviting Jay MNG, Brihang, Blu Samu, Nixon, Moka Boka and Soul’Art, backed by the same deejays as in 2017.

Every single one of these editions helped to push artists across the many internal borders our country holds, every Niveau4 was an absolute sing-along, mosh-pit, banger party.

So we could keep on proudly reminiscing for hours, but we’d rather look forward. The time has come to take Niveau4 into the future. This year we’re bringing you Niveau4 XXL.

What’s new? Exciting new rap and R&b acts, backed by live jazz bands on stage. That’s right: bands, 2 to be precise. In short, expect nothing less than the biggest, baddest and boldest Niveau4 show possible. Follow this page and be the first to know who’ll be starring Niveau4 XXL…