Couleur Café 2019

Shayfeen & Madd

Saturday • Blue Stage • 17:45 - 18:45

Shayfeen & Madd
Hip hop, Rap

Moroccan rap trailblazers

The Moroccan flag hoisted high, rappers Small X and Shobee a.k.a. Shayfeen managed to establish themselves as the hot new ambassadors of urban culture in Morocco, which hardly even existed before them. Madd, rookie of the group and Shobee’s little brother, brings a touch of freshness with his slick American style. Backed by a solid trap sound, their raw and sincere Arabic rhymes speak to young Moroccans and reunite them under a message of hope. They’re gathering views by the millions and every European show they’re giving is sold out. Proud to have them at #CouCaf19!

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