Couleur Café 2021

Zwangere Guy

Zwangere Guy
Hip hop, Rap

ZG all day!

Brussels rapper Zwangere Guy has been omnipresent the past years. Sold-out Ancienne Belgiques, 2 phenomenal albums, a victory lap along the biggest festivals and 7 nominations for the Belgian Music Industry Awards made 2019 truly his year. 2020 was going to top it off, but COVID-19 decided otherwise. But when life gives Guy lemons, he delivers BRUTXXL and countless collabs. Razor-sharp lyrics, touching and hard-hitting beats, a surreal sense of humor and the energy of a wild mustang. ZG has it all. Gorik Van Oudheusden has gradually become the voice of a generation. That same generation will probably rip our main stage apart on Friday 25 June. A small price to pay when you’ve got the King of Brussels coming over.