Couleur Café 2019

Food & water



  • Each restaurant serves two vegetarian meals. One meat meal costs our planet 10 times more energy than one vegetarian meal. In 2016, 1/3 of dishes were vegetarian!
  • No fast-food
  • Our motto: real dishes from across the world for a modest price (max €9)
  • We encourage each restaurant to buy its ingredients directly from one organic producer.
  • Various associations make use of their food/market stand to support social, cultural and educational projects in underdeveloped countries or for underprivileged groups in Belgium.
  • This year several stands will offer vegan, organic and local dishes.


  • Bring your empty water bottle with you and fill it for free in the toilets.
  • This year we are selling Couleur Café drinking bottles
  • Last year staff and artists consumed over 17.000 plastic bottles of water. Since we’re trying to diminish our plastic waste and wish to evolve into a zero waste festival we invested in water bottles and Robinetto taps backstage. This year all staff, artists and suppliers will receive a water bottle, which they can fill up at Robinetto taps. The public can bring their own water bottle of buy the Couleur Café drinking bottle at the Boutik. We offer free water at 6 different water points:
    - at the entrance
    - behind the Rainbow Bar
    - at the 3 sanitary zones
    - on the camping