24 > 26.06.2022

Food & water

In the Rue du Bien Manger and in the dining areas there are sorting islands with 3 different bins: blue (PMC = cans, plastic bottles), green (biodegradable food, plates, cutlery and drinking straws) and black (residual waste). On the festival site there are sorting islands with bins for residual waste and PMC.

Drink water

  • We use RPET cups: these are made of recycled plastic and can now be recycled in the blue PMC bag. When you hand in 40 cups at the Recup'stand you will receive 1 voucher for a drink. 
  • In 2018, 17.000 plastic water bottles were consumed by our staff and artists. In response, in 2019 we offered water bottles to all our staff, volunteers and artists and installed water dispensers in the backstage area. Thanks to this initiative, we have been able to significantly reduce the number of plastic water bottles and have taken another step towards our goal of becoming a zero waste festival.
  • This year, we are again encouraging staff, volunteers, artists and festivalgoers to bring their own water bottle to the festival, which they can refill at the festival's various drinking water points. So bring your own water bottle!

Eat healthy

Sustainable living has never been so tasty!

  • Our motto: real tasty dishes from across the world for a modest price (max €9)
  • The meat industry has a huge impact on CO2 emissions, and that's why we don't just want to encourage a healthier diet, but also limit meat consumption. This year, every restaurant in the Rue du Bien Manger offers at least 2 vegetarian meals, and more than 50% of the restaurants are fully vegetarian/vegan. You can easily find them with the logo on their food stall.
  • We encourage each restaurant to use local and/or organic ingredients.
  • Several restaurants are run by associations that support social, cultural and educational projects.