24 > 26.06.2022


Did you know?

Did you know that a festivalgoer produces an average of 1200 grams of waste per day? Imagine the toll on a festival that welcomes 50 to 60.000 festivalgoers each year. We'll save you the trouble of doing the math, it's a lot. In order to reduce this figure as much as possible and respect the environment, sorting out waste has been our main concern since many years. Thanks to these efforts, we reduced the waste to 650 grams per festivalgoer.

In concrete terms, this is what we do: 

  • 180 sorting islands on the festival site.
  • Our eco-manager leads a team of 300 eco-volunteers who carefully sort the waste and keep the site clean
  • 65% of the waste is sorted and 95% of the remaining 35% is recycled
  • Our plates, cutlery and straws are made of biodegradable material
  • Last but not least, you help us keep the grounds clean! Thank you for your commitment!