24 > 26.06.2022


Did you know?

An average Belgian festival visitor accounts for about 1200 grams of waste per day. At Couleur Café this is only 650 grams per person. Last year we sorted 65% of all waste, which makes us the greenest Belgian event of that size. In terms of sorting, food and mobility, not only do we want to make a difference ourselves, we try to encourage our visitors to partake in these actions. First and foremost by being a good role model. 


How to achieve this score?

  • With the help of 300 eco-volunteers and 180 sorting islands, 65% of the festival waste is sorted and 95% of the remaining 35% is recycled. 

  • Our cups, plates and cutlery are made from PLA (natural material made from corn or cane sugar). PLA is biodegradable material and can be reused. If you return your cups to the Recup'stand, you will receive a drink voucher or a personalized Couleur Café key fob, made on the spot by Plastiek Boetiek from the cups you returned. We strive for a circular economy. 

  • Last but not least: thank you for your involvement! Keep up the good work!