In the park

Discover all surprises

After many fine years at Tour & Taxis, Couleur Café is moving to the magnificent park by the Atomium, ready to flood you with surprises…

Prepare for a new sensation with every step you take: a trance-like state of mind in the percussion tent, goosebumps on the slackline cables, relaxation in the Namasté temple, eco-friendly fun behind the sound system bicycles, awe for the giant birds, wild dancing in La Plus Petite Discothèque du Monde, amazement for the animal sculptures and vegetal bridge, interesting meetings with the migrant graffiti artists, the search for the Secret Bar, playful fun in La Plus Grande Kermesse du monde, culinary joy around our 40 world restaurants, getting tipsy with the famous Mamafoufou cocktails, the madness of the Soviet Karaoke, vertigo in the hammocks high up in the trees, strolling around the colorful Souk an joining the tribe with your very own Couleur Café tattoo.

Fun, fun and nothing but fun…


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