MICS Niveau4

Makadi Ideas Creative Studios is a specialized creative agency that crafts digital and live experiences for brands, artists, events, performances, and television. This year, we had the honor of collaborating with them on the Niveau4 show, featuring an incredible performance by four of their dancers.


Starting out at the age of 3, Chiara has been immersed in dance from an early age. While this passion has now turned into a profession, she also found her calling in textbooks, studying Translation at university. After a busy academic year, Chiara will be able to give her all with us during the Niveau4 show!



Betina aka Sosa Lavanille, a dancer of Congolese origin, has been promoting the famous and unique Jamaican culture through dancehall since the age of 15. Having found a safe place in dance and movement, she has learned to deconstruct herself by reclaiming her body and culture, while remaining rooted in her African values. And she'll be showcasing all her influences with the other talented dancers at Niveau4! 



From classical ballet to hip-hop, the talented dancer Isaro seamlessly bridged the gap between the two. Since joining the Belgian hip-hop dance collective in 2018, her journey has been distinguished by numerous choreographies, combining African dance and house dance styles. Through these, Isaro continues to explore and refine her art. Guided by her passion for sharing and love for expression, Isaro and the Niveau4 stage will become one.



Starting her captivating dance journey in our vibrant capital at the age of 7, Jenny has been mastering her craft for over a decade. She first dived in the captivating world of dance through hip-hop and soon spread her wings across Belgium  in various dance schools. She’s now fully dedicated to the freestyle scene, and trust us, you're in for a treat at the Niveau4 show!


MICS Niveau4

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