Couleur Café 2021

3 days of sheer joy and musical bliss

03 July 2017

3 days of sheer joy and musical bliss

The three finest festival days of this year are already behind us and we couldn't have dreamt of a better start for this new adventure. You were numerous, you were beautiful and you had fun, lots of fun.

Delicious dishes and delightful surprises; you tried them all and the setting was nothing short of magnificent - especially after sunset. But let's not forget about the music. We've seen tons of unforgettable concerts, this last day as well. 

Ever since Niveau4 last year the Belgian hip hop scene is united and booming, as Caballero & Jeanjass proved again today. The RBE Black stage was a non-stop party for urban music lovers and Jupiter & Okwess showed everyone the true beauty of Congolese music. Big guns like Damian Marley and AlphaBlondy were nothing short of amazing but the exciting discoveries like LilDicky, Loyle Carner, Princess Nokia and Guts make this festival what it is.

We're eternally grateful for you enthousiasm, love and energy but equally happy with how you respected each other and the park. More then ever, Couleur Café  is one big family.  
The next couple of weeks, we will be reminiscing  with a big smile on our faces, before starting to prepare  #CoulCaf18...