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A culinary world trip on the Rue Du Bien Manger

16 June 2022

A culinary world trip on the Rue Du Bien Manger

Couleur Café is a musical and visual festival but also certainly a gastronomic feast. Travel through the Rue Du Bien Manger, a culinary adventure with 33 stops, all restaurants and food trucks offering delicious and affordable meals from all corners of the planet. This year, we focus on local, organic, vegetarian and even vegan food! Moreover, our food street is also eco-friendly with biodegradable plates, cutlery and straws.

To stimulate your taste buds, we already tested two restaurants in Brussels, watch our tasting sessions here.

Discover all other restaurants here

This year Couleur Café is collaborating with Too Good To Go (TGTG), an organisation that dreams of a planet without food waste. Their application is the most effective way to let you work on that dream: just download it, log in and you'll know when you can score delicious meals from our Rue Du Bien Manger at a good price!  

Spot the fruity TGTG team at our festival and win TGTG-vouchers, or a Couleur Café duo combo ticket for next year !

On their Instagram, you can still win the very last combi tickets as these have been sold out for a while. Good Luck!