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A surprise behind every tree

14 June 2019

A surprise behind every tree

#CoulCaf19 is proud to present 45 live concerts and 50 DJ sets & dub collectives. But that's not all; after  moving to the park, Couleur Café has become a genuine playground for young and old.

Keep your eyes and ears open for
- Les Vaches Sacrées, a monumental Indian cow parade.
- Bankra Bike SoundSystem, a wildly popular sound system on wheels, coming back for the 3rd time in a row.
- Black Koyo, a merry band of Moroccan gnawas
- Unicum Brassband, a Dutch-Antillean brass band who have been invigorating our grounds for many years.
- Showflamme, the masters of fire spectacles.
- The Drasch Bar, formerly known as the Secret Bar, holds the same success formula: Balkan beats, Russian roulette, Soviet madness.
- A new and mysterious Secret Bar!
- The popular Dance Workshops in the Casa Bacardi.
- More than 100 hammocks, hanging low between the trunks and high up between the branches
- the Namasté, a zen oasis with a wide range of massages, reflexology, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, meditation, yoga and many kinds of workshops!
- An impressive photo exhibition on 30 years of Couleur Café.
- Slacklines for the starting acrobats among us, high-lines for the pros.
- and the tastiest treat of them all: the world famous Rue du Bien Manger, an avenue of fresh, exotic and delicious food from all over the world!

One would almost forget we've also got some music in store...