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All ticket info + how to support the festival

30 April 2020

All ticket info + how to support the festival

As everyone will be aware of by now, there won't be any major festivals this summer due to the corona virus. Couleur Café is no exception to that rule. The festival is facing some hard times. Luckily we received many heartwarming messages from people who would like to help in guarantying their favorite festival's future. You can do this in the following ways.

People who already had their ticket for Couleur Café 2020 have three options:

  • Keeping their ticket until Couleur Café 2021, which will take place from the 25th till the 27th of June 2021. They don't have to take any steps and can enjoy next year's festival without any additional cost. 
  • Exchanging their ticket for a voucher which can be used for Couleur Café 2021 and/or 2022. This measure was developed by the government to support all Belgian festivals. More info here
  • Donating their ticket (or a part of its value) to the festival and buying a new one for Couleur Café 2021.

All ticket holders will personally receive an email with more practical information. Check your mails regularly. 

People who didn't have their Couleur Café 2020 ticket yet, can do the following: 

  • Buying a ticket for Couleur Café 2021! As of today, the ticket shop is back online. 
  • Treating yourself to a nice sweater, T-shirt, tote bag or one of the many other merchandising articles in our webshop. 
  • Want to cheer someone up during this crisis? Then buy a gift voucher that your friend or family member can use to buy his or her ticket for Couleur Café 2021. 

Once again, we insist on thanking everyone for the kind words, heartwarming messages and endless love. Without your empathy there simply wouldn't be any future for Couleur Café. We'll give our everything to show you the same amount of love at #CoulCaf2021!

Much strength to everyone.