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Couleur Café, an unforgettable trip

08 May 2018

Couleur Café, an unforgettable trip

Couleur Café is about music (*), but our new playground next to the Atomium is also an invitation to travel the world in your own backyard. The first edition of Couleur Café in the Osseghem park was one big breath of fresh air; the scenery - glorious during daytime, mysterious at night – felt like a long-awaited return to our roots. Just like last year, Couleur Café will overwhelm your senses with stories, sounds, tastes and smells from all over the planet.

Some of you seem to come over with the sole intent to have a gourmet treat in our world-famous Rue du Bien Manger, an alley packed with delicious, fresh and healthy food from over the globe. Somewhat further one enters the park alongside a wall of graffiti paintings on European diversity. Many visitors have taken a liking to our Souk, an exotic market where they can fetch the perfect souvenir.

The Mamafoufou bar and its Afro-Cuban vibes will have a complete remake with whipping brass bands, funky dance workshops and the finest mojitos. Feel like going off-grid for a rowdy party? Get yourself to our Secret Bar, if you manage to find it of course. The Namasté temple turns into a genuine village, completely devoted to yoga, meditation and alternative medicine. Kids – big and small ones – can get their game on in the new and improved La Plus Grande Kermesse du Monde. Acrobats unite around the slacklines; our clumsier friends can simply admire the true daredevils on their high-lines. Not quite as far from the ground but definitely more relaxing are the countless hammocksin one of our many Chill zones.

The trip continues along countless unique performances scattered around the festival grounds. Couleur Café wouldn’t be Couleur Café without it’s magnificent giants Los Magnificos and cheerful brass bands but are you familiar with a nightclub for wild animals or doctors who juggle with soap bubbles? 

Buckle up for an unforgettable weekend, where everyone maps out a unique itinerary only to have it turned upside down by new friends and unexpected encounters. You won’t regret this one, we promise.

(*) More news on our Niveau4 rap project (this year on Saturday 30th June) and the complete timetable will follow in 2 weeks