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Couleur Café: one big playground!

10 June 2022

Couleur Café: one big playground!

This year, #CoulCaf2022 offers over 60 shows on 4 stages, but that's not all. Since our move to the park, Couleur Café has turned into one big playground. Ready for surprises behind every tree? Keep your eyes and ears open for:

  • MADZAD (Magic And Doom, Zone of Anomalies and Decay), a zone occupied by a gang of rogue projectiles. No stress, these shamans will welcome you, though you'll have to wear one of the three holy colours (green, rose or yellow) to keep them in a good mood... 
  • Bruital, pure punk energy, straight from the streets of Brussels
  • For the third time in a row, the hugely popular DJs on wheels: Bankra Bike SoundSystem
  • Used plastic bottles, car wrecks and electronics are all recycled into amazing costumes by the performers of Kimbalambala Republique
  • Head Space, crawl into someone else's head and enjoy miniature shows
  • The post-modern brass band Klong will take you to an extraterrestrial universe with their impressive sound system
  • The Swag Bar, where you can get in touch with your most revved-up self to heavy tracks, provided by the Brussels collective K4
  • Birdmen, mysterious and gigantic luminous animals
  • The popular dance workshops at The Floor to the rhythm of the K4 crew beats
  • The box, a 360° artistic cultural temple hosted by Community of Art
  • Our famous Tribe tattoos
  • More than 100 hammocks, set low between the trunks and high between the branches of the trees
  • Special goodies in the Souk
  • And the most delicious of all: the world-famous Rue du Bien Manger, an avenue of fresh, exotic and delicious food from all over the world! 

One would almost forget that there is music too.

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