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Niveau4 Try-Out

31 May 2022

Niveau4 Try-Out

Two weeks ago, Niveau4 delivered a firm dose of good vibes during their jam session at Beursschouwburg. 

Live bands Commander Spoon & ECHT! provided a solid jazz injection and lifted the unmistakable talent of STACE, Rare Akuma, Dushime, Shaka Shams, Narko T and Roswein to unprecedented heights. RonnyHuana was not able to make it, but will definitely be there on June 25.

At this moment they are rehearsing for what will undoubtedly be another unique and daring hip-hop show at #CoulCaf2022. Can’t wait that long? Go check out the free try-out on June 16 at Het Depot in Leuven.