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Stay inside and save the summer!

28 March 2020

Stay inside and save the summer!

These are challenging days. Strenuous for the brave people who take care of the sick and vulnerable, for those who fill our store shelves and make our food, for the men and women who collect our waste and deliver our letters and orders.

Difficult for any of you who are at home, unsure about their financial future, concerned about family and friends, anxious about their health or socially isolated. We can only get through these days by keeping our hopes up, looking forward to brighter days.

We don't know when, but things will get better again. Together with you, we hope that these days will dawn soon, so that we can start our summer together, colorfully and  warm, in the park by the Atomium. However, we don’t know how we’ll be doing in a couple of weeks, so we cannot tell you right now if Couleur Café 2020 will take place.

What we do know is that we need to fight this nasty virus together, by following government guidelines as closely as possible. So again, stay in as much as possible, avoid physical contacts, don't meet up in parks, wash your hands and use today's technology to keep in touch with friends and family.

We do the same and meanwhile continue to work rigorously to offer you an unforgettable festival. More than ever we want Couleur Café to be a festival that celebrates unity, life, hope and friendship. That's why #CoulCaf2020 will only take place if we are 100% convinced it can be held in safe and appropriate conditions for all visitors, employees and artists. We follow the situation closely and will communicate clearly, efficiently and quickly to you all when necessary.

Thank you to all artists, loyal partners and employees for the continuous support, thank you to everyone who is struggling to deal with this pandemic and thank you all for following the guidelines carefully.
All the best,
The Couleur Café team