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Tank and The Bangas & Calypso Rose

17 January 2018

Tank and The Bangas & Calypso Rose

We've got 2 new acts that'll get your summer groove on! It’s hard to understand the raw, sweltering and festive vibes of New Orleans without actually visiting the city. Until Tank and the Bangas showed up; their musical sledgehammer of soul, funk and hip hop is the perfect reflection of their festive hometown. Saturday 30th of June at Couleur Café.

With Calypso Rose we might have found the most shining - and to many unknown - pearl the Caribbean has to offer. For over 50 years now, the 77-year-old singer from Trinidad & Tobage has been one of the figureheads of calypso music, a dance genre based on African drums. Join the party, Sunday July 1st! 

Earlier on we announced Damso, Gregory Porter, Melanie De Biasio, Milky Chance, Ziggy Marley and Makala, Di-Meh & Slimka. Don't forget you've only got two weeks to get your Early Bird ticket (€79 for 3 days), after that prices go up!