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The Dub Forest will tremble once again

13 March 2020

The Dub Forest will tremble once again

In only 3 years time, our Dub Forest has become one of the undisputed hotspots of the festival. Many visitors pass by regularly, lots of dub and reggae lovers spend their entire festival in there. 

That will be no different this year, thanks to our loyal hosts The Roots Corner, who have yet again invited a bunch of renowned acts from home and abroad. With Aba Shanti-I they even managed to book a true genre legend. Along with Prayazen Sound, Likkle Africa Sound, AMP Outernational, BabbaJah, Michael Exodus, Vibe Generator, Dubwise HiFi, BlackBird Sound, Dubtown Abbey, Amoul Bayi feat. Saah Karim & Daba Makourejah that makes up for one heck of a treat for our loyal dub fans.

The Dub Forest timetable will follow soon, all you need to know for now is that the impressive - and homemade- The Roots Corner sound system will uninterruptedly rule over the heart of the festival. Discover the announced acts per day in the line-up here.