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This was #CoulCaf19

09 July 2019

This was #CoulCaf19

This unforgettable 30th edition of Couleur Café has left us speechless. And since a picture says a thousand words, we'll let this breathtaking aftermovie describe our happiness and immense gratitude.

Before we say our final goodbyes to #CoulCaf19 and start preparing #CoulCaf2020, we would like to thank you. We were honored to share this experience with our partners and subsidizers, the artists, DJs, marching bands and acrobats who colored the festival, our colleagues, the 1,300 volunteers without whom the festival would not exist, and of course, each and every one of the 70,000 festival-goers who once again proved that Couleur Café has the prettiest, warmest and most respectful crowd out there. It's pure love!

We will meet again on June 26th, 27th and 28th, 2020 in the park next to the Atomium for the 31st edition of Couleur Café. Check out the #CoulCaf2020 event via this link and don't miss any news! Hip-hop fans might also like to come to AB on October 18 for an indoor version of Niveau4 XXL !

Have a great summer!