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Zwangere Guy at #CoulCaf2020

29 January 2020

Zwangere Guy at #CoulCaf2020

Ever since he tore apart our main stage last year, Zwangere Guy has been omnipresent. 2019 became the year of the Brussels night mayor: the widely acclaimed Who is Guy? surfaced in March, 9 months later he gave birth to the - once again astonishing - album Brutaal, 5 sold-out AB's and 7 Music Industry Awards were the icing on the cake. ZG has become an essential part of Belgian music history. 

His lyrics cut like a machete, the beats hit like a hammer and his trademark sense of humor does the rest. We're thrilled to invite Zwangere Guy back for a banging concert on Friday 26 June. The kind of home game that will be talk-of-the-town for a very long time.

ZG joins the previously announced national rap heroes Roméo Elvis, Caballero & JeanJass, Le 77 and Brihang. A total of 13 acts have now been announced for # CoulCaf2020! Discover them all here. More news very soon.