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Zwangere Guy, Panda Dub, Little Simz & Mayra Andrade

19 January 2021

Zwangere Guy, Panda Dub, Little Simz & Mayra Andrade

Vaccinations are shifting up a gear, the first large-scale test concerts abroad proved to be a success and quick testing might become a more viable shot at live music. In short, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Today that light shines even brighter thanks to the following 4 new acts for #CoulCaf2021. On Friday June 25 Brussels is preparing for the home game of the century when the inevitable rap icon Zwangere Guy plans to unleash his demons upon us. Those who survive the mosh pits can continue to indulge themselves with the pumping beats of French dub master Panda Dub.

Saturday 26/6 we welcome the Queen of Brithop, Little Simz, for an unprecedented rap demonstration. We get more female power that day from the Cape Verdean Mayra Andrade, whose eclectic afro beats will really get our summer going.

They join the 6 previously announced acts at Couleur Café 2021. A new batch of announcements will follow soon!