24 > 26.06.2022

Drasch Bar

Drasch Bar

The former Secret Bar has now become an official bar! And the Drasch Bar is here to stay. Prepare for Soviet madness with DJs, vodka shots and a rowdy, rowdy atmosphere!

At the decks to musically celebrate the world's diversity: 

Le Grand Méchant Loop
Le Grand Méchant Loop is a global underground DJ and percussionist based in Brussels. He shares his passion for global music through the Giraffes & Penguins events that he has been organizing since 2017. He loves his sets to be eclectic and surprising and he spices them up with live percussion!

Rebel Up!
In the Brussels global scene, Rebel Up has become a household name through their party nights of contemporary world music and electronic ethnic sounds in many Bxl venues. Check the Nightshop radio show on Radio Campus Bxl and on BRUZZ. Expect a wild set of the freshest global sounds with dj's Leblanc and Sebcat.

Drache Musicale
Drache Musicale is French for 'musical rainfall'. That's exactly what is going to hit our Drasch Bar. This DJ from Norhern France delivers the musical-weather forecast of the moment. His stormy selection Tropicool grave 2.0  is going to flood our Drasch Bar: African disco, bombastick balkan, arab bass, maurician séga, cumbia digital, kamba, zoukbass, tumbélé, gnawa, maloya... A true journey around the world!