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Rue Du Bien Manger

Rue Du Bien Manger

At Couleur Café we ain’t serving fries and hot dogs! Our festival is almost a gastronomic as musical, offering an adventurous culinary world trip! In the famous Rue Du Bien Manger, 33 restaurants offer delicious meals from all over the planet at democratic prices. This year an even stronger focus on local, biological, vegetarian and even vegan! In addition, all is served with biodegradable plates, cups and cutlery! 

Aor Thai cuisine (Thailand) Exquisite Pad Thai, Dim Sum and Spring rolls

Alimentos: Mediterranean quinoa bowls & chicken dishes

Kumba A Ngudi Asbl: An unexpected combination of Cambodian & Caribbean delicacies

Jamaica Delicious: Delicious Jamaican specialties

Ice Jewels: Gluten and lactose free vegan ice creams

Lulu’s Kitchen: Simple but delicious food from the Naga tribe in Northeast India

Nina Food Foodtruck: Contemporary Italian cooking

Prowam Asbl: Excellent Benin food

Mr. Pitz'illa: Mediterranean food truck full of surprises

Muchos Nachos: Food truck with the best Mexican nachos & homemade sauce

Atelier Groot Eiland: Best ramen in town with Brussels grown vegetables

Envol asbl: Authentic African delights 

Rama Rao Catering: Curry-based dishes from India, Thailand and Sri Lanka

Comme Ma Grand-Mère: Delicious pancakes the grandmotherly way

Poké Poké: Top-level Poké Bowls

Amala Food: Tibetan cuisine specialized in wok recipes

Pois Chiche: Middle Eastern food truck with 100% vegetarian offerings

Mission Massala: Indian street food

Food Escape: Japanese delicacies

Pepe Empanadas : Spanish homemade empanadas you can't get enough of

La Cuisine de Suzanne : Senegalese exotic flavors, vintage Couleur Café

Greenway: Creative vegan street food

Kamga; Vegan delights from Cameroon

Banh-Mi: Food truck with delicious Vietnamese street food

Delissa: High-quality Brazilian cuisine

Cubar: Cuban & Latin American street food

Hashtag Falafel: Egyptian homemade and vegan falafel

MexyCo: Tex-Mex delicacies

Okapi International: Specialties from Central Africa & Congo

Balkan Express: Balkan food truck full of surprises

O'tagine: Moroccan tajine and couscous dishes

Bia Mara: Fish & chips straight from the streets of Dublin

El Merken:  Fresh sopaipillas (pumpkin pancakes) with vegetables and traditional Chilean sauce