Couleur Café 2021

Stroll around our famous Souk, a market with artisanal products from all over the world, as well as local designers and cool start-ups. Discover some of the cool shops:

Shantikshop is a shop with lots of fun products like flower shirts, colored shirts and recycled belts made out of safety belts from airplanes. Cool as hell!

Chandra is a boutique for nomads with a selection of incences, clothing, ninja-shoes, jewelry and much more! ‘Chandra’ is Hindu for ‘Moon’ and just like the moon this boutique is constantly on the move. The family behind the boutique has been travelling the world for a dozen of years and will make a stop at Couleur Café 2018!

Tokojoli is a shop that imports handmade products straight from Indonesia. They insist that the producers earn a fair wage. Their varied range of products consists of decor pieces to musical instruments.

C’est T-Afric is a socially responsable fashion brand. They sell beautiful handmade T-shirts with African motives. You’ll never find the exact same product twice in their selection, definitely a must visit for people who like wearing unique clothing !

FARAMUS or KeepKeys is a revolutionary concept which will ensure that you will never again lose your keys in your purse or bag ! The product consists of 2 pieces of a magnet which have been finished like pieces of art. One magnet is supposed to be attached on the inside of your purse or bag and the other magnet on the outside. Afterwards you can simply attach your key to the magnet on the inside. Practical and stylish !

Sambalou is a Belgian brand that offers quality clothing made out of 100% biological cotton and accessories in colorfol and atypical collections. The symbol of the brand is a salamander which you can find on all of their stylish pieces of clothing !

Ebenalou is a Senegalese craftsman who makes jewelry out of ebony. He only sells unique pieces which he carves by hand in his workshop in Wépion, close to Namur. People who like unique jewerly, look no futher!