24 > 26.06.2022

Shantik Shop is a shop with lots of fun products like floral and colourful shirts and recycled belts made from aircraft seatbelts.

Arts Asie is a Nepalese handicraft shop offering clothes as well as accessories made of hemp such as hats, banana bags, backpacks...

The ambassart offers beautiful handmade jewellery.

Jose Espitia is an artisan who offers handmade jewellery in a variety of materials.

Saora is a shop with clothes, handmade goods, jewellery and much more.

Plateforme de Prévention Sida asbl is an association providing condoms, informative flyers/stickers and advice on sexual health & risk reduction in the party environment.

Nitra Art offers handmade crafts and beautiful colourful paintings

Sahel Associated Productions sells beautiful Tuareg jewellery

Janax Pacha Art offers braided jewellery with semi-precious stones.

Go'Art is a creative woodworking workshop, specialising in the manufacture of wooden objects by engraving and laser cutting.

Wayra Kamay offers all kinds of things: jewellery, mandalas, ethnic decorations...

Jobyourself coop is a local craft brand that offers handmade and assembled jewellery in Belgium

CED N'CO IMPRESSION is a reggae rasta roots shop with hand embroidered clothes, jewellery and accessories

Beauty&fantasy's will make you look stunning with glitter and temporary tattoos

Soapologie SNC offers artisanal, vegan and local products for body and hair.

Henna Treasure, beautiful wooden objects with pyrography and henna tattoos

Mandala - Boris Sasic s.p. sells all kinds of hand-woven alpaca wool clothing from Peru

Uruz is a brand of handmade jewellery with natural metals and stones

Litiombe is a Belgian craft association that creates clothes, cushion covers, bags, pouches and many other things in ethnic African fabrics.

Senajewellery offers handmade jewellery

WAAW is a brand of beautiful silver jewellery

De herborist is a brand based in Belgium that offers natural and ecological wellness products based on cannabis and its components.