Couleur Café 2021

A Solidary Campsite

All services and activities will be hosted by multiple non-profit organizations.
Your presence makes it possible for us to support their community projects. 

The non-profit organization Asmae guides and helps young people by getting them involved and giving them responsibilities in the different camping zones .The involvement of these young people gives an opportunity to Asmae to support a community project of one of their partners in the South. 

Le Bistronome is not only a foodtruck, but also a culinary, cultural and community project. They will serve some delicious burgers, spareribs and vegetarian dishes. These servings give the chance to Le Bistronome to back cultural projects aimed at discriminated youth.    

The refugee platform will open on Monday. This will give you the chance to dispose your no longer needed tents, mattresses and sleeping bags. These camping essentials will be donated to people who are in need of basic sleeping necessities. 

Youth groups will help with setting up the campsite. Hereby they get the chance to support the realisation of on of their international projects.  

The non-profit organization BRIK is providing an info corner on the campsite. They help Flemish speaking students find their way around Brussels.