Looking for...

Looking for...

Couleur Café is looking for talent

One of the festival’s main goals is to surprise the public with remarkable experiences. For its next edition, Couleur Café is looking for creative and original projects (by individuals or associations), that can surprise and innovate. The festival wishes to offer a platform on behalf of artists, artisans, athletes and handymen who wish to add their creative, extraordinary or funny/silly touch to the festival. 

The festival is open to a whole range of artistic projects. This may vary from exposing your artwork, to live action painting/sculpting, to proposing entire installations on the festival site. If you thrive in urban art (graffiti, installations, yarn bombing, moss graffiti,..) or land art,  if you work with wood, metal, feathers, wool, recycled goods, new media, image, sound…we invite you to get in touch with us, so we can get to know your work. 

This year, Couleur Café is expanding its current offer of performances, happenings, animations, street theater, etc.… So if you are a dancer or a comedian, play in a marching band or excel in a spectacular sport (skating, BMX, climbing, parkour…), don’t hesitate and send us your candidacy. 

We are going to develop a real bubble in the middle of the festival, dedicated to the well-being of our public. We will be on the lookout for organizations and individuals who are experienced in this domain. Some keywords that spring to mind: massage, spa, meditation, energetic healing, hypnosis, musical therapy, qi gong, reflexology, shiatsu, aroma therapy, communication with trees, spiritual experiences and so on..

Couleur Café is looking for artisans who’d like to present their creations to a bigger public. Creators who make original or surprising products can be given a platform on our ‘Souk’. We value your knowhow and therefore wish to broaden your commercial reach. 

It should be clear by now; Couleur Café is opening up to collaborate creatively and artistically. Do not hesitate to send your application to projects@couleurcafe.org before the 28th of February.