24 > 26.06.2022


We are finally preparing the 31st edition of Couleur Café, and we are looking forward to it!

In 2019 we were able to occupy the beautiful Ossegem Park at the foot of the Atomium for the third time. It was once again a wonderful party with 70,000 festival-goers.

We owe a large part of the success and smooth running of last year to our volunteers. This year isn’t any different in that respect, we can only bring this project to a successful conclusion with the help of numerous helping hands.

You can now register via the Eventication platform. For those who have already worked with this, you can log in immediately and start your registration for Couleur Café. The others first have to create a profile. This takes less than 5 minutes and will remain valid for the years to come.

 Registration is very simple. Just click on the picture that applies to your situation and follow the steps.