Toe Knife X Couleur Café

Toe Knife Collective take over trash bar this year with an interactive, generative audiovisual installation accompanied by a series of concerts and performances. From 6PM - 10PM the audience will be in full control of the music and visual systems.

From 10PM on the collective will take over the stage with curated acts:



11.30 PM - 1 AM Kitt b2b Unauna (DJ set)

10.30 PM - 11.15 PM Guillaume De Bergeyck, Kyle Coppens, Can Demren and Alfred Martinez (Live AV show)


11 PM - 1 AM Guillaume De Bergeyck (DJ set)

10.30 PM - 11 PM 3 Mitshubishi’s (Live)


11 PM - 1 AM Noannaos (Pippin, Susobrino and Ashley Morgan) (DJ set)
During the day the stage is open for guests to DJ themselves and prompt our AI driven visual system for whatever aesthetic or imagery they want. These audio reactive visuals will broadcast over projector and 24 monitors around the space.

If you're interested in our position on artificial intelligence and approach to ethical diffusion.