The fundamental value of Couleur Café is respect. With the relocation to the beautiful and protected Osseghem Park, our investment has become even more solid. Every year, at all levels, we look for new ways to reduce our ecological footprint and try to positively influence the public's long-term sustainability behaviour.

  • 120 sorting islands
  • 300 eco-volunteers
  • 90% of the waste is sorted and 95% of the remaining 10% is recycled
  • 7 sorting containers: PMD, paper and carton, residual waste, oil, wood and glass
  • 40 people cleaning up the park every morning
                                                                         Food & drink
  • Rue du Bien Manger has 90 sorting islands with 3 different bins: blue (PMD = cans, plastic bottles), green (biodegradable food, plates, cutlery and straws) and black (residual waste)
  • lots of vegetarian/vegan food options
  • many local and/or organic ingredients
  • NEW: this year we are using reusable cups, so DON'T throw them in the bin
  • bring your own water bottle and fill it up at our drinkable water taps
  • our straws are biodegradable
  • surplus food doesn't end up in the bin, but gets a second life
                                                                   Why Cristal pils?
  • Pils from Belgian soil
  • Since 2021, the only Belgian pils with the official 'Belgian hops' logo, due to use of local hops
  • 1/3 pils brewed with Belgian barley
  • Cristal brewed with 100% Belgian green electricity
  • PURPOSE: CO-2 neutral by 2030, sustainable future, investing in tomorrow's agriculture
  • 200 self-made ashtrays on trees throughout the site
  • 18.000 free portable and reusable ashtrays available at information stands and the entrance 
  • DON'T throw cigarette butts on the ground
                                                                               The park
  • Osseghem Park is protected
  • 8 park rangers and their team protect the park throughout the build-up, breakdown and the festival itself for the protection of the trees, roots and grass
  • don't urinate in the park, access to the toilets is completely free of charge
  • avoid the car, parking is expensive and limited
  • use free public transport to get to Couleur Café
  • there is a free and secured bike parking
  • see here for more info and discounts
  • no plastic allowed
  • waste belongs in the bins
  • don't leave material behind, take everything back home
  • all material left behind in good condition goes to people who need it
  • reuse and recycling of decoration
  • as bacsktage zone, we use the American Theatre, thereby much fewer trucks and less impactful 
  • collaboration with Brossela Festival, which reuses one of our stages