This year, CARE  at Couleur Café takes on a hybrid form and will be made up of a team of caring volunteers, a place of listening and care on the festival site and at the campsite, gender-neutral toilets and inclusive urinals as well as association stands at the heart of the festival to raise awareness among our audience. You'll find Modus Vivendi, the CPVS (Centre for the Support of Sexual Violence) in Brussels, BruZelle, Boobs & Blankets, AIDS Prevention, Doctors of the World, Oxfam and Douche Flux.

Couleur Café is supported by the Brussels By Night Federation. 

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The CARE helpline is: 0470 09 99 01

Couleur Café Care Policy

This policy applies to everyone who works at or visits Couleur Café.

● Respect each other’s space and pay attention to the people around you.
● Ask and respect consent (it has to be: Mutual, Enthusiastic, Aware, Voluntary, Specific).
● The use of alcohol or other substances is never an excuse. Handle yourself and your drunkenness.
● Verbal and physical violence won’t be tolerated. Ever.
Discrimination, of any kind (like sexism, transphobia, racism, validism, grossophobia...), won’t be tolerated. Ever.

If you are a witness to or a victim of unacceptable behavior, the Care Team* and Care Zone** are at your disposal.  

Post-event: If you feel that our procedures for dealing with violence are not adequate or if you saw or endured a violent experience during this event, please contact us!

*the members of the Care Team have a pink shirt and a balloon. 
**the Care Zone is situated next to the Red Cross. 
See map in the festival app and below in "Care Zone"