This year, Couleur Café is again deploying reusable cups from Rekwup: A big step towards a more sustainable festival. Besides being more eco-friendly, they also provide less litter and less cleanup.

Replacing disposable cups with reusable cups is an important step toward a more eco-friendly festival. By encouraging festival attendees to use reusable cups, Couleur Café hopes to significantly reduce the event's carbon footprint while raising public awareness of the importance of waste reduction.

How does it work?

Every festival attendee receives an eco-token upon entering the festival grounds. At any time, you can exchange the eco-token for a cup at any bar.  Afterwards, you can exchange your reusable cup for a new cup or token at any time.

ATTENTION: this eco-token only applies to cups, and therefore not to PET packages (bottles and cans).

For example, if you hand in an empty cup at the bar and order a bottle of soda, you will automatically get your bottle + an eco-token.  

If you lose your eco-token or cup, you have to pay the price of half a drink ticket to get a new cup.

The festival provides the first cup on loan. Therefore, if you follow the system properly, you will never have to pay for your cup. Conversely, no money will ever be given in exchange for a token or cup. Furthermore, it is forbidden to leave the festival site with a cup.