Hip hop

The future of Belgian rap

In 2016, Couleur Café created Niveau4, a one-of-a-kind hip hop show, uniting the best upcoming rappers from Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia. From Roméo Elvis and Coely over Zwangere Guy to ISHA; the first two editions allowed a bunch of artists to present themselves to music lovers from all over the country. For this third edition on Saturday June 30th, we present you with another fine selection of promising hip hop talent.  

Brihang is a talented rapper, sculptor and poet who has an almost avant-garde feel to him. Always ahead of everyone else, always surprising. His excellent debut album Zolangmogelijk was a hip hop record, but not as you know it, constantly breaking and bending the genre’s boundaries.

Soul’Art is one of the country’s most soulful and jazzy rap crews. The quintet consists of M13, Sparrow, Jazzy Bench, Zed and Martha, who also starred in the critically acclaimed movie Black. Their 2nd release Granny's Res'EP, got over 500.000 Spotify streams in a month! They’re ready to get down at #CoulCaf18.  

You might have already heard his outrageous freestyles on Frontal Radio (Bruzz) or Lowkey (XLair). His lyrics are inspired by life and even earned him a spot in the “Nieuwe Lichting 2018” finals on Studio Brussel. Jay is one of the country’s most promising MC’s and is ready to prove it.

The Guinea-hailing rapper is the free electron of our music scene, always moving, never slowing down. Heavily inspired by American rap, he worked on lots of fresh projects, like the soundtrack for Black and great clips like Ride, Ouuuh and Hallelujah with Myk and Brussels rapartist Krisy, with whom Nixon often shares the stage. A true experience.

From Portugal to Brussels, passing through Antwerp, Blu Samu already lived several lives. Blu Samu tells her story through an intuitive mix of hip hop and soul, using her hoarse voice to express her love of words. She moved in with her friends from Le 77 in Brussels, and in them and Zwangere Guy, she found a real crew, a family. She quickly became the new sensation of the Belgian hip hop scene.

Moka Boka is the kind of artist that seems to be born with a pen in his hand. He grew up in Brussels and as a child he soaked in the music of D'Angelo, Marvin Gaye and The Roots. Clear sources of inspiration for his delightfully unique sound. A few years ago, his rhymes didn’t leave his room, currently he is making a name for himself with his first EP SuperNova and Heracles, first track of his upcoming album.

As a famous member of STIKSTOF, who just released their 3rd album Overlast, and resident DJ on Bruzz with his show Frontal, Vega is one of the most respected DJ’s in the country. Last year he was already behind the Niveau4 decks with his homie Junior Goodfellaz, this year he’s more than ready to let this new hip hop generation shine confirming his status as a turntables virtuoso.

With his crew L'Or Du Commun, Junior has been touring and releasing albums in Belgium and France for several years. Equally famous for his wild sets that seem to light up crowds around the kingdom, "Goody" will retrieve DJ Vega behind the decks of the most anticipated hip hop show of the year.