Beyond music, we've got a whole bunch of surprises in store for you.

If the festival holds no secrets for you, you know there's much more to the event than the countless talented artists spread over our 5 main stages (and flowing drinks)... This year, expect to party harder through various animations and special zones. At every corner of the festival, you'll be able to hear, feel, and taste the Couleur Café EXTRA experience.

Wander through the Souk between concerts, where artistic treasures, jewelry, and creative workshops await. Be surprised by Les Zinattendus and experience a special but unforgettable Bezoek Médicale. Hit the ramps at the Tieks skate park and get some height with the Globo Swing. Dance like never before at La Plancha or at the secret Trashbar, explore the parallel worlds of Ultratopia, and see your best punchlines displayed by Leefwerk. But also, don't forget to refuel and indulge in delicious dishes from the 39 restaurants on the Rue du Bien Manger. Need a break? The roaming gramophones from The Introverse will get you covered. Be sure to catch the musical flames on the Shiiny Fiire Char that would make Pimp My Ride founders jealous, and the solid doses of reggae from the Ensemble National de Reggae acoustic brass band.

Best of all, you'll be surrounded by amazing people and good vibes… we all agree, this summer's off to a great, great start.