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What are the opening hours of Couleur Café?

Friday the 24th of June we open up at 4PM and close down at 2AM.
Saturday the 25th of June doors open at 3PM and close at 2AM.
Sunday the 26th of June we also open at 3PM and end the party at 2AM

Where does Couleur Café take place?

Atomiumsquare, 1020 Brussels
Check Google Maps

What can I bring onto the festival site?

Beverages: each visitor is allowed to bring 1 plastic bottle of water or drinking bottle filled with water. These can be refilled free of charge in the sanitary zones. Glass bottles, cans, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed.

Food: bringing your own food is NOT allowed, unless you have to a specific diet on doctor's prescription. In that case, we request proof of this.

Drugs: it is strictly forbidden to take, consume or sell drugs of any kind on and around the festival grounds and campsite. Prescription drugs are allowed if the visitor can prove this by bringing a doctor’s order.

Other: chairs, umbrellas and similar objects are NOT allowed on the festival grounds. Unless the visitor in question needs these for compelling medical reasons. We strongly advise against backpacks because they will be thoroughly checked at the entrance and can therefore cause long queues. However, they are not forbidden.

Where can I retrieve lost and found objects?

During the festival, lost and found objects will be deposited at the Info Stand, where local police will regularly drop by to collect all identifiable objects such as wallets, ID, debit and credit cards, passports, mobile phones and smartphones. They will contact the owners if possible. You can also contact the local police yourself on 0032 2 279 88 60.

All unidentifiable items such as keys, clothes and bags will remain at the information stand during the festival. They will be available from Tuesday 28 June at the lost and found office of the City of Brussels (Rue du Frontispice 55, 1000 Brussels, 02 274 16 90).

Opening hours
Monday: 8:30 - 12:00
Tuesday : 8:30 - 12:00
Wednesday : 08:30–12:00, 12:30–15:30
Thursday : 08:30–12:00
Friday : 08:30–12:00
Saturday : closed
Sunday : closed

Are kids welcome at Couleur Café?

Of course they are! What’s even more: children up to and including 11 years of age enter for free (under the supervision of a paying adult). Children get a special badge with a contact person at the info stand.

Hearing protection headphones are also available at the info stand. All lost children are taken to the Red Cross stand.

Please note that there is no childcare at the festival site and we strongly recommend leaving the children's coach at home.

Can I take pictures or film at Couleur Café?

Professional sound, filming and photographic equipment are not allowed. Small, simple devices without a detachable lens and smartphones will be tolerated. Selfie sticks and other accessories are not allowed.

Press accreditations can be requested via

Who can I contact to have my food stand or artisan shop at Couleur Café?

Do you want your restaurant or foodtruck on Couleur Café, or you'd like to propose a stand or shop on our Souk market? Fill in our form soon. 

Is it allowed to distribute flyers or put up posters on and around the festival grounds?

No, it is strictly forbidden to distribute flyers on and around the festival site. Those who would like to display posters, can buy advertising space by contacting

Are there lockers at my disposal?

Unfortunately, there aren't, so we stronlgy advise everyone to only bring stuff you'll really need. 

Why would I buy my drinks with the Payconiq by Bancontact app?

The question is really, why WOULDN’T you pay with the app? You don’t need to go and buy drink tickets. Just get out your smartphone and use it to pay for your vouchers by simply scanning a QR code. So, all you need for a successful festival is your smartphone and the Payconiq by Bancontact app. Installing the payment app is a piece of cake and can be done here


Where is the camping located ?

The Couleur Café camp site is located around the Roi Baudoin stadium. The main entrance lies on Avenue Impératrice Charlotte, right in front of metro stop Heysel. More info on our camp site here.

When does the camping open up?

Our camping opens up on Friday the 23rd of June at 9.30 AM and closes on Monday June 26th at noon.

Can I buy a separate camping ticket?

No, the only way to stay on our camping is to buy a Combi + Camping ticket.

Can I stay 1 or 2 nights on the camping?

Due to limited capacity, we offer the camping solely to people who are coming to Couleur Café for 3 days. It is therefore impossible to by a day ticket with camping. You can of course always buy a Combi + Camping ticket and leave early of arrive late, but you will pay full price.


Where is Couleur Café located and how do I get there?

Our festival entrance is located right beneath the Atomium (Atomium Square 1, 1020 Brussels).

We invest heavily in public transportation

With STIB you can easily travel throughout Brussels by tram, metro or bus. However, we do not yet have an official agreement for free transport this year and therefore, unlike previous years, cannot we (yet) send an Event Pass code. We are doing everything we can make this happen. 

NMBS offers a special train ticket that allows you to travel at half price from Friday 23 June to Monday 26 June from any Belgian station. You will receive a special code for this with your festival ticket.

We also provide a large bicycle parking (right next to the Atomium) for everyone who wants to come by bike. Those who still want to come by car can try to find a parking spot in the neighboring streets or reserve a parking space on our own private car parking.

More info on our mobility page.

Is Couleur Café accessible for people with a disability?

It sure is! Read all about it here.

What are the parking options?

We strongly advise everyone not to come by car, for ecological and practical reasons; long traffic jams can occur around the festival grounds. For those who have no other choice and wish to come by car, these are the options:

P1: This parking is located on the Atomium Avenue and is only granted to crew and certain VIPs. If you didn’t receive access for this parking, you cannot purchase it either. If you have been granted access, you’ll find all necessary info on your parking voucher.

P2: This parking is located on the Madrid Avenue. You can obtain a parking spot for this parking via our ticket page. You’ll find all necessary info on your parking voucher.

ATTENTION: your parking voucher is only valid until 8:00 AM of the following day. For example, if you have a parking ticket for Sunday 25 June, you must leave the parking before Monday morning 26th of June, 8AM. We therefore strongly advise people with a Camping ticket not to use this parking. It is also strictly forbidden to spend the night on this parking.

Car parks B, T, M and E are operated by Brussels Expo and are accessible depending on the events. You pay €10 per 24 hours, but we cannot guarantee that there will be a spot left during Couleur Café 2021. More info here.


Can I buy a separate camping ticket?

No, the only way to stay on our camping is to buy a Combi + Camping ticket.

Can I stay 1 or 2 nights on the camping?

Due to limited capacity, we offer the camping solely to people who are coming to Couleur Café for 3 days. It is therefore impossible to by a day ticket with camping. You can of course always buy a Combi + Camping ticket and leave early of arrive late, but you will pay full price.

Can I buy a day or combi ticket from the on-site box office?

Yes, as long as the festival isn’t sold out.

Does my ticket have to be printed out?

No, you can also show your ticket on your smartphone. Do make sure to set your screen to full brightness to ensure a quick handling.

I can’t make it to Couleur Café due to circumstances beyond my control. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not. Tickets are not refunded. You can however resell your ticket through our official partner TicketSwap.

What is TicketSwap

Can I resell my ticket?

Yes, you can use our reliable and secure partner TicketSwap.

There are other auction sites that resell second-hand tickets, but their reliability cannot be guaranteed. We strongly advise against this and recommend working exclusively with TicketSwap.

In case of problems (tickets that were resold more than once, counterfeit tickets...) it’s your name on the ticket and you may be subject to criminal prosecution. There is a legal framework that governs the resale of tickets. The Belgian law of 30 July 2013 concerning the sale of tickets to events states that:

  • The occasional resale of tickets is allowed if the sale price is not higher than the definitive price printed on the ticket.
  • Non-occasional or regular reselling of tickets or making platforms available where non-occasional resale can take place or where the price can exceed the maximum permitted price is prohibited. The sale of free tickets, invitations, sponsor tickets or special offers of tickets before the official sale date is prohibited. Victims of the above-mentioned practices can reclaim from the reseller the excess amount paid.
  • There is a lively trade in festival tickets on parallel markets. Contrary to tickets purchased via the official ticket channels and, the validity of tickets purchased on the black market is not guaranteed. All too often we find that counterfeit tickets are offered on the black market. In other words, tickets purchased in this manner may be blacklisted and as a result access will be refused.

    More info at the website of FPS Economy.

Volunteers (group)

How do I register as a group?

The registration procedure for groups is different from the one for individual volunteers.    
Click on this link for an easy walkthrough.

Below you will find the written procedure, step by step:

  1. First of all, the group leader must register on the site.
  2. Once you have confirmed your registration via your email address, you will find yourself on the home page. Click on “Volunteers”.
  3. You can view the different events available. Click on the “Groups” tab.
  4. You are now in the “Group” section. Click at the top right on “New” to register your association.
  5. Enter the various information related to your association and you will be ready to register your group.
  6. Once your group is created you can enter the request for your group in the event Couleur Café. 
  7. Choose the dates on which you are available (these dates can be changed later if you wish).
  8. When you are in the tab of your group, you can invite each member by email by clicking on "New invitation".
  9. Enter the different email addresses and an invitation will be sent to them.
  10. Each registered member can be included on the days you selected in step 7.
Can I register with a group of friends?

No, in that case all your friends must register individually. You should then agree among yourselves for which task or sector you want to work. At the end of the registration, you can write a comment: here you should write the names of all your friends with whom you want to work. The person in charge of the relevant sector will read this and try to take it into account.

What are the recompenses for a group working at Couleur Café?
  • A remuneration of 20€ per volunteer per day is provided throughout the period.
  • A staff T-shirt is provided for groups working during the festival.    
  • Also during festival: 5 drink tickets per person per day. 
  • One meal per working day.   
  • The priceless experience of participating in the best festival in Brussels.
What is expected of the group leader?

In advance:

  • Creating the group and registering for the Couleur Café 2023 event   
  • Inviting via e-mail all members who will participate (+follow up)   
  • Via availabilities (in group page) indicating how many people are available and when they are available (We’ll send you a detailed proposal in May, based upon this info)

On working days:

  • Ensure that group members are present on time and in full force. 
  • Tracking that the group has registered (important for payment afterwards)   
  • At the start of the festival, collect and distribute your group's drink vouchers and t-shirts to members.    

After the working days:

  • Send an invoice with the agreed amount so we can proceed with payment.
Is there a minimum number of days/members worked?

The more the merrier, but most importantly, the estimated number of members available should be as realistic as possible.

Is it possible for groups to work only during the festival?

This is possible, but only for all three days of the festival. Good to know, however, is that we always privilege groups who can also come and help in the build-up and/or breakdown.    

For groups who want to work during the set-up/take-down AND the festival: this is by far our preferred option, and it is also the best experience for your group. 

Volunteers (individual)

How do I register as a volunteer?

Click on this link for an easy walkthrough.

Below you will find the written procedure, step by step:


Create your personal profile on Eventication and confirm it via the link you'll get in your mailbox.


Register for Couleur Café! 

Almost finished! Go to the homepage of Eventication and register for Couleur Café by clicking on the Couleur Café button.

Complete your registration and then choose the sector in which you prefer to work. To conclude, there is a box in which you can give us some extra information (preferably colleagues/responsible/motivation…). We try to take this into account as much as possible. 

Your application will be confirmed within the hour, confirmation of participation will follow within 4 weeks. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for registering! 

What can I expect as a reward for volunteering?

All volunteers will receive:  

  • an exclusive staff t-shirt
  • access to the festival, and enough breaks to really enjoy it  
  • 5 drink vouchers per day   
  • 1 food voucher per day  
  • an unforgettable experience
What is expected of me as a volunteer?

That you are available for the three days of the festival  

 That you can come to the briefing Wednesday 21/6 or Thursday 22/6, right before the festival (depending on which job you choose).   

That you take your tasks seriously, we count on everyone's goodwill and commitment. 

What are the tasks I can do?

There are lots of options here, there is something for everyone.   

We are looking for people at the bar, safety Crew, VIP, the info stand, merchandise, animation, reception, wristband control and many other tasks. 

For more information, we recommend starting your registration via Eventication. After choosing the days, you will see all 'sectors' with some explanation. If you really don't find anything in here that appeals to you, you can simply close the window without completing your registration.